How Heidi works


If you are reading this page, there is at least a little part of you that knows there is more to your animal friends than meets the eye.  That little cock of the head, the curious look, and the glares let us know they think about a lot more than their next meal. 


A consultation helps you understand your animal friend better, deal with behavior issues, help with training, showing animals, competitions, and say your goodbyes when they pass on.  Consultations can be done at a distance, and many of Heidi's are done that way.  Heidi has worked with clients from 23 countries.

She prefers to have photos of the animal in question.  The photo(s) should clearly show the eyes of the animal, but do not have to be super close up.  The photo(s) should only show one animal, and no people if possible. She can work off of most photos, and e-mailed photos, but it is just easier for her to focus if there is only one animal in the photo.

SORRY, but Heidi is not taking on any missing animal cases at this time.  If this changes, it will be added to the Shop and offered as a Consultation option.

Heidi asks the client to send some photos, a list of issues or 7 questions that they wish to focus on, basic information about each animal (name, gender, age) and payment.  After she has received  the photos, questions, and payment, she begins to work on the case doing private sessions on her own.   She takes quiet time where she focuses on the animal and the issues, and connects with the animal.   When Heidi is finished working with your animal, she will email you her notes -or- do a phone session, as the client wishes.

By the time we schedule the phone session, Heidi has already spent time with your animal. She has usually spent several hours working on your case.   If you change animals you want read, it will not only delay the phone session, but will trigger new fees for the changed animal reading if Heidi has already done the work on the one you originally indicated.   If you decide you wish to have additional animals read, please let us know right away so that if you want a phone session, Heidi can work with all your animals before the appointment time.   Each animal requires separate fees.