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Workshops:  Where You Can Learn to Talk to Animals, and Get Answers! 

So far, every single person at every workshop Heidi has taught has at least begun to communicate with animals, with validation, in front of the class.  Some people will pick up this skill faster than others, but every student will at least start!  Heidi works to insure your success and is confident that you too can learn to communicate with your animals, and that she can teach you!

Please check the Upcoming Workshops link to see if Heidi will be traveling to a city near you.



THANK YOU so much for an amazing weekend [Animal Communication Workshop]!  There are truly not enough words to thank you for your generosity of spirit and for a magical weekend.  You've awakened my spirit for connecting with animals and also, as an artist I have been more inspired with my work since the workshop.  Most importantly, thank you for sharing your gift with us.  You are a great teacher.  Everything I've been trying to learn from books, you succinctly summarized and taught, effectively showing me that I can do this!  For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I also appreciated all the practical advice you gave us for tuning into our animal friends immediately.  You have a  beautiful, warm energy and I also love your sense of humor which made for a very fun, laughter-filled weekend.  To anyone out there who is contemplating a workshop with Heidi, just do it!  You won't regret it.

With love and hugs

Jackie C.

(Australia )

Thank you very much for the workshop at Woofs and Hoofs.  It was a lovely weekend, and I am already communicating better with my animals.!
L. J.
(Belgium )   

Heidi, thank you again so much for the private tutoring.  It was amazing and I am enjoying my animals so much more!    

 J. Choi (Korean student)


Please check the "Workshops / Schedule" page for  the current listing of planned workshops and events.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop, let us know. 

If someone tells you they have studied with Heidi, please let us know, and Heidi would be happy to discuss this with you.   At this time, Heidi does not offer any certification to students.  

Heidi teaches one and two day workshops to animal guardians, veterinarians, and trainers to help them improve their relationships with the animals in their lives. These workshops are a great way to begin communicating with their own animals and begin the journey, but they are not intended as training for a career as a professional communicator.  It takes years of practice and study to become proficient enough to be an ethical Animal Communicator.  You can and will certainly benefit from previous training in energy healing, Reiki, meditation, and other areas, but it takes more than that to be a truly ethical professional intuitive of any kind.

Workshops include an introduction to animal communication, how it is done, how information can be received, how to "send" messages to the animals, how to meditate, recommended reading lists, the latest information Heidi has learned in her ongoing studies and travels, and sources of further information.  Heidi also teaches 3 keys to animal communication, 5 ways to rapidly improve your ability to hear animals, and specific practice methods to help you long after the workshop is finished.    Heidi also has a private Facebook group that is exclusively for students that have attended her workshops, where students can continue to practice and reach out to each other for support. 

Workshops are usually at least 6 hours of instruction per day.

Heidi's workshops differ from others in that she teaches you how to alter your conscious states to help you enter the alpha brain wave frequency in order to more quickly access your own intuitive abilities.  Her simple yet very effective exercises build upon each other to teach you to hone your skills quickly so that before the workshop if finished, you will learn to recognize and experience animal communication in your unique way. 

There are both beginning level and advanced level workshops.   We always recommend starting with a beginning level workshop, and then moving on to the advanced level.  

What you need to host a workshop:  

Heidi would love to come to your town or city to teach!  We need a place that has room enough for 15 students and up to 30 people. The location should allow animals inside, and needs to have a bathroom available for participants.  Good locations are community centers, barn facilities, veterinary facilities, fairgrounds, or private residences if they are large enough.  The host also helps Heidi with information to arrange her  travel and lodging.

Number of students:
We prefer to have smaller groups, with 10-14 students.  This is simply so that Heidi can give more one-on-one attention.   She is happy to work with larger groups of 15 -30 students.  However, for larger groups, it is best to schedule a Friday night introduction so that there is more practice time during the course, and so that Heidi is able to offer more one-on-one instruction when needed.

Hosting Requirements:
The host may/will help with securing the local venue, advertising, and registration.  Heidi will help with advertising by placing the listing on this web site, and advertising nationally via the internet.  She will provide flyers that may be posted, and may run local print ads.

Heidi is happy to help and guide those interested in hosting a workshop, but hosts need to have the following abilities / skills: 
--Internet access
--Ability to check and answer emails in a timely manner
--Ability to communicate with people via email and phone
--At least minimal planning / organizational skills
--Be motivated to promote the workshop, collect registrations and deposits, and communicate with Heidi (or assistant) about the status of registrations.

What to wear and bring to a workshop:  Wear comfortable clothes!  We want you to enjoy yourself.  If the location allows pets, please contact the workshop coordinator to see if we would like you to bring your animal friend to help the class learn and practice.  Please bring clear photos of your animal friends.  Students will work with with photos.  

Also, please bring a writing tablet and a writing instrument.  Many people enjoy taking notes, and it is a great way to record your successes, and take down contact information for the new friends you will make at the workshop. 

Please do NOT bring your own animal to a workshop unless you are granted prior permission from the host.  

What to expect at a workshop:
While each workshop is unique to the combination of students, location, venue, and country, each workshop will share some basic elements.  These elements are the introduction to Animal Communication, some of the latest scientific findings about the process, the different methods of receiving and sending information, and hands-on practice. 

Heidi will mix exercises with the lecture portion in order to begin to shift the student's awareness of themselves and their surroundings.  Each exercise builds on the previous one.  She will teach you how to achieve altered states in a matter of moments, and how to identify that feeling so you can use it later on your own.

You will learn meditation techniques to clear away your negativity that can be beneficial in all aspects of your life.  These meditations are designed for both novice and experienced meditators, and vary in length of time so that no matter how busy your day is, you can use one to suit your immediate needs.  You will also learn techniques to engage both the creative and analytical portions of your brain to enhance and hone your skills.

Students will read each other's animals from photos that each student is asked to bring from home.  By doing this, and receiving immediate feedback and validation, you are able to more quickly recognize the information as it comes in, and at the same time gain the confidence to continue.  Where possible, we will bring in live animals to help us learn.

While each of us will learn at different rates, every person in the workshop will make great advances in communicating with animals.  Heidi works hard to insure that every student has the information, tools, and techniques to accelerate their progress in building this new skill.

Heidi  has yet to teach a workshop where there was a person that did not 'get' something.   Every person learns to recognize the information they have been receiving, and  Heidi makes every effort to insure your success at the workshop. 

During the workshops participants will actually begin to communicate with animals themselves. By the end of the workshop (either one day or two) Heidi will do every thing she can to insure that everyone in the workshop will find success in beginning to communicate with animals.  Others learn to recognize that they have been 'doing it' for some time.


Owl family that nested in Heidi's barn.  She communicated with the parents and owlets.

Owl family that nested in Heidi's barn. She communicated with the parents and owlets.