Heidi Wright
Animal Communicator

Animal Communicator, Author, TV Personality

"I would love to help you connect with your critters!" - Heidi Wright 

Heidi loves communicating with all animals!


ALL animals from Alpacas to Zebras, Horses to Hawks, from Dogs to Ducks.


Heidi has worked with many different kinds of animals including Anteaters, Beavers, Cats, Dogs, Elephants, Gerbils, Fish, Horses, Ibis, Jack rabbbits,  Kangaroo, Lizards, Monkeys, Newts, Octopus, Parrots, Reptiles, Snakes, Tortoise, Wolves, Zebras, and more. 

She also offers Reiki for pet services in addition to animal communication.

She will do what it takes.


Heidi will do all she can to help you connect with your animal friends. So far, she has been able to communicate with every animal she has attempted to. 

Heidi works with your animal(s) on her own time before speaking with their humans to insure Heidi has time to get as much response from your animal as she can.  Heidi never rushes an animal and will let the animal talk about anything.