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Here are some answers to some of the more Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to come to you, or meet with you?

A:     No. It is like making a phone call. You can speak with people all over
the world.  Animal communication works over time zones and distances.


 Q: Do I need to have my animal(s) near me while we are on the phone?

A:      No.  If you would like them to near you, this is often fun to see how they
react when we are going over certain things.  But it is not necessary.  So if
you are in the house, and your horse is in the barn, it is OK.

Q: Why do I have to agree to the terms and conditions of Informed Consent before you will work with me and my animals?
A:  The work I do, intuitive consultations and communications, are more of an art than a science.  I am not, and have never claimed to be a veterinarian, herbalist, etc.   My work is intended to compliment and possibly assist other animal care professionals.  But it is not to be used as a conclusive diagnostic tool.   People are responsible for their animal's care, and unfortunately, some people need to have this spelled out for them.  The implied consent page is to remind them that no one is perfect, or 100% correct 100% of the time, me included.

Also, I cannot promise to tell you what you want to hear.  I am here to translate, as best I can, for the animals.  I always hope they are happy in their homes, but if they are not, and you ask that question, I will tell the truth about what I get from the animals.    By purchasing a consultation, you implicitly agree to terms and conditions. 

Q: Why didn't you pick up the phone when I called?

A:      I don't answer my phone if I am working with an animal, on the phone with a client, or it is the middle of the night in my time zone.  This gives each client and their animals my personal undivided attention, and it allows me to get some sleep.   I do try to return phone calls personally on Monday - Friday between 8am and 8pm on Pacific Standard time.  I also do my best to leave an extended absence greeting on the phone if I am traveling.   Email is usually the best way to get hold of me as me or my assistant work all hours around our daily lives, and family comes first.

Q: What are your success rates on finding lost animals?

A:     While this is a good question, it is difficult to answer.  The reason for this is that it depends on what you mean by 'success rates'.  I really am not being coy here.  What I mean is that this work is more of an art than a science.  A reading is a
success if I am able to see and describe things that I could not have known, and that often the client did not know.  But with lost animals, people don't realize that just because I can come up with accurate info,  it does not mean the animal is found. Sometimes the animal is stolen.  Sometimes they have died.  And sometimes they don't want to be found or return to the same person.

One of my most successful tracking cases was a lost cat from Chicago.  I gave the   client very specific info, and she was then able to go out and find vehicles, houses, landmarks, etc. She found things in her neighborhood that she did not previously notice were there.  I even accurately described the inside of her house, the view into the house from the backyard, and actually got an exact neighborhood house address with an accurate description of that house and the  surroundings.  However, every time she would get close, the cat would move.  This cat did not want to go home.  The cat did not want to live with her.  My reading was very successful, but this cat did not return. 

Q: Why can't I just give you my credit card over the phone?

A:      In order to do this, you will need to share your personal financial information with me.  So by using a secure third party, both of us are better protected.  Also, this way you know the exact amount being charged to your card, and have no worried about being overcharged, as you input the amount you are spending.

Q: Why do you require fees first?

A:      This was a hard decision made after hard lessons.  I have some statements on the  Fees page about this.  Early on in my career, I had several clients in a row promise to pay me, and then they never did.  I have bills to pay like anyone else.  People expect to pay their gardener, babysitter, mechanic, and veterinarian.  I am hired like any consultant.  I don't spend the money before I do the work, but I need a show of good faith from the client first.  If it is an emergency, they can pay right away  with a credit card using PayPal, the online service.  If it is not so urgent, they are welcome to send a money order or personal check.  I begin work just as soon as possible, working off of my waiting list.  Most payments will arrive within 3 days if you send them priority.

Some people would say, 'but you are psychic, don't you 'know' when someone is not going to pay?'   My reply is that I don't like to read people without their permission. Not only is it a violation of their privacy, but if I feel like they may not or can not pay, I am put in the horrible position of telling them what I see.  This will not help anyone, let alone their animals.

 Q: What do I get for the fees?

A:  I spend time on my own, working with your animal and going through all the questions you sent or the issues you wish to focus on.  Normally I end up asking a lot more questions, but sometimes, due to time constraints, I only ask about what the client has sent.    I usually include the animal in my regular Reiki sessions, and I usually say a blessing over the animal before I start the session.   
I also prepare detailed notes, and am glad to share these with the client if they wish.   During the phone session you are welcome to ask questions about the reading or other things that may come up.

 Q: Why do you limit the questions to eight?

A:  When a person asks a question such as "Do you like your pet sitter?', that is one question.  However, after I get a response to that, I would usually ask, on my own, more questions, like 'why do you like them?',  'is everyone there nice to you?', 'is there anything at the pet sitter's that you do not like'?, etc.    

Also, often people send a question that is actually several parts.   This is an example of actual question(s) from one of my clients.  I have inserted numbers in brackets to show how many points or messages or questions there are in this "one question";

[1] Please ask her if she was in great pain and and scared when she left us.
[2] Please also ask her whether she blames her oldest sister (me) for it....[3] If she was frightened and in very much pain when se left us, please tell her I am so very sorry... [4] Please also let her know that Mom and her sister feel terrible for not being able to stay with her when she left us.  [5] Please tell her that they miss her so much and lover her just as much too.   

So, as you can see, that 'one' question actually had five points that needed to be asked or communicated to the animal.

Q: Why do you charge a flat fee instead of by the hour?

A:  When I am working with an animal, each case is different.  Some animals open up quickly, and others take a bit longer.  I want to do my best to help each animal and their people, and don't want to put a time limit on that.  I usually need to keep to the time limits during the phone sessions so I don't run overtime into another client's appointment, but try to leave some extra time in between so that we are not too rushed.

Also, by charging a flat fee I leave my client in control of what they pay me, instead of leaving it open and then charging their credit card for every minute over the first 60.  By using a surrogate site, like PayPal, it protects both me and my clients, and puts the clients at ease knowing exactly what amount they are paying.

Q: Will you come to my town to teach?

A:      Yes, I love to teach people how to communicate and enhance the relationships with their animals when ever, and where ever I can. The details about what is needed for a workshop is listed on the 'Workshop' page.  If you are interested in hosting, the host attends free in exchange for their help in organizing the event. 

Q: I wrote to you, and did not get an answer.  What happened?

A:     We answer each and every email I receive.  If you don't find an answer, it may have gotten sorted to your spam file if you did not put me on your whitelist.  Sometimes things just get lost in cyber space.  There may be a delay if I am traveling.  Please check the Schedule page to see if I am on the road.

Q: Where do I sign up for a phone session?

A:      I don't have a specific sign up for sessions because when possible, I work on my own before we have the phone session.  Also, I work around time zones, and people's work schedule so they don't have to take a day off work in order to have the consultation.   Also, I travel to teach, and I can't do phone sessions with clients when I travel.  

Q: Why don't you do readings for people?

A:     People, for the most part, are in control of their lives, inlcuding their emotional and physical well being.  They can make choices that animals may not be able to. This is why I have chosen to work with animals.   I want to help bridge the gap of understanding between species.    

I do work on certain police cases as I am a member of the team at  If you have a missing person or a criminal case you wish to have help with, please contact the team via the web site.

Q: Have you worked with big name celebrities?

A:     Yes.  I have worked with very famous American movie stars, and with Japanese celebrities.   In December 2009, I was fortunate enough to work with Japanese movie star Kumiko Akiyoshi.  This was done as a segment for the Shimura Zoo TV show there.  Since then we have filmed with many celebrities, both human and animal, that include Aya Sugimoto (singer, actress, modell), Ken Shimura (host of Shimura Zoo), Rola (model and singer), Pan the Chimpanzee and James the Bulldog, and many others.

I also appeared with Kat Von D on an episode of L.A. Ink which aired on the TLC channel in the USA in July 2009, and talked with her wonderful cat, Ludwig.

No, I won't name names of the other American celebrities.  I promised confidentiality.  I would and will do the same for you.

Q: What are some of the animals you have worked with?
A:    I've worked with a tarantula, ball python, penguin, jelly fish, dolphin, parrot, dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, turtles, hawks, horses, ducks, geese, chukars, guinea fowl, killifish, tortoise, grouper (large fish), guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, camel, sun bear, white tiger, kangaroos, eagles, swans, donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats, cows, chickens....   I'll try to communicate with just about any animal, and look forward to the honor of hearing them

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